Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Thanks Mike!

Liliana pooped on Mike yesterday - eek! He's such a great Dad, he just scooped her up and gave her a bath. Being two someone's parent is overwhelmingly wonderful and scary at the same time. Just think about it ... I'm responsible for when and what my babies eat, get a diaper change, get bathed, get to bed, when they laugh, what they learn. I'm really grateful for having such a supportive husband. Mike, thank you for helping me set up for the night shift - getting the formula and bottles ready, feeding and burping the babies, playing and rolling around with them. I love you. ~e

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Liliana's Birth

Mom and me after the C section - everything went well.
Mike & Liliana-Marie sharing one on one time.
Pre-op: getting ready for the C section. Lili's still in my belly.
Post C Section - sharing a cup of celebratory Jello with IsabellaRose - the new big sister.

IsabellaRose sitting pretty - 13 months old.

Liliana's Birthday - May 16, 2006

Post C Section sharing Jello with big sister IsabellaRose.
Mike, Lili and me - this is the first time we got to hold her in the operating room after Lili made her debut.
This is one of my fave photos - I love her hair!
This was me pre-op, 6 am. Love the polka dots.

This picture was taken by the nurse anesthetist - Steve - who used to dabble in photography. Pre-op, 6 am.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Day @ Clearwater Beach May 2006

IsabellaRose, 13 mos. old Auntie Deb makes sure to sunproof Bella.
Belly and Grandmom Rosie
Isabella gets slathered in sunblock

Looking into the wild blue yonder.

Belly's 1st Bday

Mike & Isabella on her 1st birthday
Muahahahaha! Mischievous Bella.
Those big brown eyes melt my heart. Mike got her the birthday cupcake and we sang Happy Birthday to her early that morning.
One of my fave pictures of Isabella, 1 yr. old

Bella, Daddy, and grandparents on her birthday.