Monday, June 12, 2006

Fun times with the belly

Lili en belly, 5/14/06
Basketball belly
I love this moment.
Mike and Lili en Belly
Belly Twins

  • Spring Time Pre-Lili
  • Mom & Lili, 5/14/06
    Isa & Auntie Deb - (Mother's Day 2006) B-ball anyone?
    Stoppin' to smell the roses

    Mom & Isabellarose -Mom's Day '06

    Family Pictures

    Sisters - Isa, 13 mos. and Lili, one week old on Mom's lap.
    Celebrating Rosanna's bday at Margarita's Grill - ol'e (olay!)!
    Sittin' purdy
    I'm so hungry I am eating my hand - gnaw, gnaw, gnaw!

    A flower among flowers - IsabellaRose.

  • Bumming
  • Daddy (sexy black socks- smile), and his two gir

    Uncle Josh and pooch

    Disney in the Hospital

    Isa rockin' out with the three lil' piggies.
    Isa, Mimi, and Pluto.
    Ride 'em cowgirl!
    Isa and Daddy

    Mom, Isa, and Auntie Kat

  • Giving Birth
  • pre-csection, 7 am, 5/16/06