Thursday, December 22, 2005

  • 1st day of Christmas Vacay 2005
  • Hurray! We are on our first day of Christmas vacay 2005! I'm so excited because we'll be going to Disney, Sea World ( thanks K fam), the movies, and to South Florida (Pollo Riko - here I come!). The great thing about working at the same place is havign the same vacay days off. So, Mike's looking forward to sleeping in, and I'm looking forward to reading some good books (any suggestions?), getting some reading done for my grad class, and playing tourist.

    In other news ....this second pregnancy is going well despite the constant nausea. This baby kicks reaallllllly hard. It surprises me because Bella kicked hard but this baby seems a little more enthusiastic. I'm excited to have another baby join our family. It'll be fun ( and a lot of work) to have two in diapers.

    I have just three grad classes left til I graduate with my master's degree in TESOL. Then I'm looking forward to traveling and living abroad and putting that degree to good use. Japan, United Arab Emirates...we'll see where we'll head off to. Hey, if you can afford the ticket, you can come stay with us (after you clear the background check and we receive a deposit, of course ~ smile.)

    A fun new website I found: it's where you Read a Book, Release it into the Wild for some lucky person to find, and Repeat. Cool idea.

    All is well. -e

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