Monday, November 27, 2006

Babies make me laugh :)

Hello everyone!
I have to say I had a great Thanksgiving day weekend. I spent so much time with the girls it was great! isabella is so smart and she really is a tiny Einstien in my eyes. She like to turn on and off the TV and see how a ball bounces even the ones that are heavy plastic "learning balls or squares". She likes to observe then try out new things especially when it comes to daredevil tricks. I must admit I egg her on, I grab her throw her around, wrestle with her and swing her in circles and land her on the bed. Good times :) . With lilyana I just bounce abit usually to burp her but I mostly just look at her as she smiles and laughs. Sometimes I forget about everything when I look at her she is so sweet. They are both so beautiful and (if I use this saying correctly) The apples in my eyes. They both make me laugh!

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Maria said...

Hey, its me Maria!!!
How are you guys? I log on once in a while to see how you are all doing...but i noticed you havent posted anything since 06....whats up? How are your babies? toddlers? well you can email me at