Friday, November 17, 2006


It has been a long time since I posted something here. I havve just not been keepin' up but I hope this will help :)

If your wondering whose who in the picture let me start with right to left. To the far right is my distant cousins husband with their baby sofia. Next to them is my (michael) Dad with lily :) next to him is me with belly! and finally erica with her big smile :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike wadup man long time no talk wasup w u. Haven't contacted u in a while ho is life man. I'm thinking of possibly coming to Orlando sometimes soon hop still live there. How are your daughters they must be so big now. Well take it easy man.

Anonymous said...

Hey wasup Guys how have you guys been doing? I see from the last posted pick that you've been doing well. Darn your kids have gotten so big, they are adorable. Well just thought I'd say hi, I have no way of keeping in touch. Well take care glad to see you guys look happy.