Thursday, January 19, 2006

Good Story

This blog's name was inspired by the radio program show "This American Life" by Ira Glass. I just change the name a bit but not by much, anyways as I was searching the programs by year and I found this story called "Middle of Nowhere" brodcast 12/5/2003. Act 1 is a story of Nauru, an Island country smaller than the size of Manhattan. In the story the reporter finds why this island has been in the center of attention when it comes to "bankrupting of the Russian economy, global terrorism, (and) North Korean defectors". The second act or Act 2 is about senior producer Julie Snyder and her ten-month battle with her phone company over a $946.36 dispute. She loses hope of ever getting this solve and Ira Glass comes to the rescue, sort of. What got me about that was that I have been there, when your talk to so many "service reps" that you can recite every word they will say before they can say it, argh!! I am angry and I don't want to take it anymore! During those time I feel like going over the phone and hiJacking the cubicle until my demands are met. hahah. But alas I can't so I don't :( . Oh well Just enjoy the show :)

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