Thursday, January 19, 2006

Photos Trick

The other day (actually before yesterday) I found this
Blog by S.Liu. They didn't have a profile or any reference on who they were so I will assume they are a hermaphrodite, so if I call them him or her I will be right about their gender. Anyways I found some photos the person took and I really liked their work. The pictures have a mysterious look and feel to them which I find fascinating. This prompt me to ask Matt (he is a freelance photographer for Disney) how those pictures were created. He looked at them and with a smirk he told me "Oh that's a Hulga picture", confused I thought It was a style develop by some lady called Holga. "Oh yeah? I told him, does she have a website?" Oh no it not a she it's a thing. Ok so it is a technique called Holga, how is this technique accomplish? With a very cheap lens. Then Dean came around and looked at the blog and said oh yeah that's her. Who? Hulga! Dean said, I have one of those. Really? Yup. Matt explain that he owns one too and brought it in one day and everyone in the office was captured by it's beauty and had to have one! He told me don't let this happen to you, stay away. He said to try lensbabies instead. You can get the same look but with way better results. So I ask you the reader, go try it!

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