Friday, January 06, 2006

Pictures from Epcot 1

We arrive at Epcot happy as a hippo to enter and check out "Holidays around the world", which takes place in the World Showcase. Also we wanted to check out Soaring, Epcot's new ride from California Disney.

Few people know this but Disney World has an elite Mickey Police Force on patrol and checking everyone's moves with in the park. God Bless those boys (and let us not forget about the ladies) in blue!

Ah, we finally arrive but wait, where is Mike?

Erica and I in front of the ball.

It seems like everytime I go to Epcot they have new ways to entice people to pay for some memorial of their vist to Epcot. I recall before they had people put their names on a brick and those bricks were place at the entrance. Now they are printing your face on a metal sheet that goes on a stone as shown above.

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