Thursday, November 25, 2010

"Best Day Everrrrr!..." -Rapunzel

Yesterday definitely counts as a best-day-ever kinda day. Lili and I visited a friend. Afterwards we breakfasted with Kat - she made us macrobiotic oatmeal, really yummers. Then, when Kat set off to do errands, Lili and I stayed behind to do some clean up. While I washed dishes, Lili shined up the fridge. It was good work and it was good working together, mommy and daughter, side by side. Once done, we set off to the movie theater to meet up with Mike and Isa to watch Tangled. I really liked it. The story, the animation, the writing. Good stuff. Afterwards we four got ice cream at Menchie's. Our flavors - Mike - carrot-cake, me - chocolate/vanilla swirl with an apple-pie chaser, Isa - same as me, and Lili - choco/vanilla swirl. They had fun choosing their toppings. I had fun just being with them. 

We sat outside, eating our ice cream, people watching. I love people watching. It's one of my fave things to do, and one of the reasons I love NY -there are so many different, interesting characters. But Winter Park provided some pretty good people watching, too. I made observations. Mike reminded me not to judge. I laughed, sharing my imaginings of what a people-watcher might be saying about me..."look at that lady with the chinny-chin hairs (which will get waxed tomorrow). But they really are, mostly just observations. And a good launching pad for imagining what that person's story is or might be.

When we got home, Mike and I watched Glee, from the first episode thru to the one where Shue's wife ambushes the preggy cheerleader chick. Now, for most folks, this is not a big deal. But for Mike and me, it's the way we connect - watching shows together. We'd grown apart after a betrayal. More specifically, the Battlestar Galactica Betrayal. See, I consider our episode watching our sacred couple time. And Mike watched more than one episode of BSG without me.  When I was putting the kids to bed. Double betrayal! So getting to watch a brand new show together...well, it feels like a new beginning.

What I liked best was that I was pretty chillax. I was just go with the flow. Not uptight. And that felt so good. The day-to-day grind, making sure everyone is where they should be when they should be, well, that's overwhelming and stressful. So I'm grateful for the break. The chance to sit back and just be together.

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