Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sweet Saturday

9a-11:30am: The girls, along with their children's church group, visited with seniors at the local nursing home. They sang songs and played games together. It was a beautiful juxtaposition of young and old connecting.

11:45 -1:30pm - Hula practice for the Dec. Luau. Dancing to The Hukilau and Pearly Shells. It's so much fun learning the steps. Will be practicing everyday so I can rock it at the luau. So thankful to May for teaching us. Hoping to get Isa and Lili into Hula Class soon.

2-300: Lunch with Kat, Isa and Lili at Royal Thai. Of course when the server came by to take our order Isa asked for "macaroni". Right, macaroni at a Thai restaurant. Granted - she's five years old. Here's the funny thing. We don't even eat macaroni at home, so your guess is as good as mine at to why she asked for macaroni. We did get Pad Thai and Red Curry to share. Yummers.

4pm-7pm - Spent time with Baby Ez at Deb's house. Kat took the kids out on a walk while I took a much needed (Thank you, Kat!) nap on the sofa. Woke up to baby squeals - Baby Owen. So cute. Got to see gorgeous Gretchen and her cute boys, Aidan and Owen. Good times.

8pm: at the farm with Kat (who's presently on the phone talking to Peterson), Isa and Lili (who are tucked in bed), and my parents. Hadn't been here for a while. It's nice to be here.

What a wonderfully full day. Off to knit a lil' before I drift off to sleep. Aloooooha!

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