Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"...live in thanksgiving daily..."

I'm blessed. A lot. And it's revealed to me everyday. It just depends on if I'm paying attention. This morning was rough. Getting the girls ready can be...let's just say...overwhelming. Even more on the days I have to drive in to the office. And be on time. Those seem to be the mornings that the girls are extra slow, extra diva-ish, extra extra....sigh... Those are the mornings when I'm just barely holding it together. And I can't cry on my way into work. Especially since I'm not wearing water-proof mascara. And so I reach out. I take a deep breath. I breathe out. I repeat. And then I call Ann. And she answers, and makes me laugh. And makes me realize that this is all part of the journey of parenting children. Particularly girl children. Of which I have two. And she helps me see the good side of things. And by the time I'm at work, I know that it'll be ok. She's saved me more times than she knows. And I'm thankful. for Ann.

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Debbie Rey. K. said...

it's good to have friends like Anne:)