Sunday, August 13, 2006

The price for loving a child

There's a price to pay for the love of child, for the sparkle in the eye, for the wrap-around-the-leg hugs. It goes beyond the bundles of diapers and the cans of formula. Long sleepless nights of heartache as you keep bedside watch over a feverish brow. It's learning how to put the sonic humidifier together and finding distilled water to use in it despite the hard Florida water. It's getting up to tend to that baby even when your own brow is feverish and you've only just now fallen asleep. No one tells you this at the baby shower over the crinkle of the pastel gift wrap, or the celebrations. It might be because the love of a child is worth that and so much more that in retrospect it seems insignificant, inconsequential? -e

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