Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Tete Bandit and other bits and pieces

Isabella-Rose is 15 1/2 months old. Her fave things to do these days include:

1)stealing her baby sister's "tete" (teh-teh). This means that despite having her own baby bottle full of milk, she prefers to make off with Lili's tete - does she think it tastes better? Anyhow, we call her the Tete Bandit because she grabs the tete and makes a run for it.

2) Trying on all the shoes she can get her hands on. It's fun to see her trying on other ppls shoes and taking a few steps in them. Of course, this means that your shoes are nowhere to be found when you need them but you can console yourself by thinking that someone else wants to walk in your shoes.

3) Getting up after she falls. She's been walking for a few months now but she still takes a spill now and again. What I admire most is that she gets right back up and at 'em. No time to waste. Wow! She's my hero!

Lili - At 2 1/2 months Liliana has been incredibly patient with us - what with our sleep deprivation and all. She is a delightful little smiley baby. If you take the time to sit and talk with her, you get to hear the most delicous coos from her. Her whole face lights up when she has your attention. She's just now starting to sleep a little longer thru the night. For a while she's been sticking to the midnight, 3am and 5:30 am schedule but I think she's moving to four hor intervals.

I never imagined that being a parent would be so hard, so challenging, so draining and so amazingly humbling and wonderful at the same time.

Mike continues to amaze me. Somedays he reveals me to myself and I think, Whoa, he knows me better than I know myself. It's a good thing that he does because he knows how to make me laugh when I don't know how to laugh - what with the sleep deprivation and all.

Gotta go - the Tete Bandit needs me. - e

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